Greenthesis S.p.A. signs a financing agreement with a pool of Credit Institutions to support investments for industrial development and dimensional growth in line with its Strategic Plan

Segrate, Decembre 18th, 2023
Greenthesis S.p.A. has announced the signing of a €50 million financing agreement with Natixis S.A., Milan Branch, and Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.. Natixis serves as the lead bank, while both banks act as financing banks and Mandated Lead Arrangers & Bookrunners. The financing comprises two distinct credit lines: the first, an amortizing type amounting to €35 million (“Tranche A”), aims to (i) finance the majority stake purchase in a specific target company; (ii) refinance part of the existing financial indebtedness, approximately €9.5 million; (iii) fund future acquisitions and investments. The second, a bullet type with an amount of €15 million (“Tranche B”), also intends to finance future acquisitions and additional development investments.

Within a year from the closing date, the company and the financing banks plan to discuss in good faith the possibility of converting the financing into a Sustainability-Linked Loan based on measurable environmental, social, and governance parameters starting from the 2024 financial year.

In the context of the financing operation, Greenthesis S.p.A. received legal assistance from Chiomenti Studio Legale, while the financing banks were advised by Ashurst.

Vincenzo Cimini, General Manager and CFO of Greenthesis Group, commented on the closing of the transaction: “This financing is the appropriate complement to support our ambitious strategic development plan and dimensional growth, as outlined in the Group’s business guidelines. The credit lines obtained today are aimed at expanding the company’s financial base to support organic investments and acquisitions for external lines. These efforts are geared towards diversifying industrial activities both in terms of commercial offerings and geographical locations and creating efficient integrations between complementary and synergistic businesses”.

Greenthesis S.p.A. is the leading independent pure player listed in Italy, specializing in the integrated management of the waste cycle based on circular economy principles and environmental sustainability.
Specifically, Greenthesis Group operates in the following areas: treatment, recovery, multi-material valorization - following circular economy principles - and disposal of industrial, urban, special, and assimilable-to-urban waste; reclamation and environmental remediation; environmental engineering activities; waste-to-energy incineration; production of electricity from renewable sources and advanced biofuels.

For further information:
Giovanni Bozzetti
(Head of relations with institutional investors and other partners)
Phone: 02/89380249


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